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Thread: Mazda CX-5 Workshop Manual and CX-5 Complete Service Manual

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    Mazda CX-5 Workshop Manual and CX-5 Complete Service Manual

    Hey everybody,

    I've uploaded these 2 files : Mazda CX-5 Workshop Manual and CX-5 Complete Service Manual. They refer to first CX-5 series.

    Links :

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    it's one of those links that wants you to install and app, allow notifications, etc.... I'll pass, unless someone can confirm it's "safe" to do.

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    @dero1969 - Fairly common thing from free download's underhanded, but easily defeated. When that new tab or window opens up with the offer to download that app - just close it (the tab or window), go back to the tab or window with the original download link you clicked and click it again. 9 times out of 10 it will take you right to the correct download page, which will make you wait 60 seconds before the "download" button becomes active.

    Then when you wait the 60 seconds and click download, it will ask you to login using native credentials for 4Share or using some social network credentials or for you to register for a new account with email. I have none of any of those...and wouldn't share if I did. So....just register with bogus email and password, there's no verification for that needed to proceed. It will take you to the same download page only now there is no active download button, instead the 60 second timer starts and that button now reads "download will start automatically" - and it will. No app needed, no need to provide valuable information, no need to validate email.

    Or - use any number of "downloader" type apps or plugins that bypass all of that and will do a direct download from 4Share.

    Because either way, 4Share isn't really locked down and uses very old technology.

    And the file itself has no virus. Not that you have any real reason to trust me - I just signed up, after all...but I did just lease a new CX5 and was looking for the service and workshop manuals and happened upon the links and your post (although that link is 1st gen and won't help me now - we're a multi mazda family, so you never know).

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