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Thread: 2019 Floor Mats?

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    2019 Floor Mats?

    Just picked up a 2019 and it looks like my usual go-to brands (Weathertech and Husky) don't have the custom mats available yet. Does anyone know if the dimensions changed from 2018 model? Thanks!

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    I have a set of Weathertechs in my '17 and plan to transfer them to my '19 Signature when it arrives.

    AFAIK nothing has changed with the floor dimensions between '17 and '19.
    You should be good to go by ordering for a '18.
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    Genuine Mazda CX-5 Premium Floor Liners (2nd Row) 00VP-CX-5FL2-0

    Genuine Mazda CX-5 Premium Floor Liners (1st Row) 00VP-CX-5FL1-0

    Search for these part numbers on ebay. I see no reason why the 2019 model is any different. Anyway, the above mats are sold by Canada dealers and are really nice with the CX5 logo etc. They shipped to USA in about a week.

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    I bought 2017 husky liners for my 2018. Your good to buy 2018 for 2019. Those sites are usually slow to update.

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