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Thread: '16 CX-9 LED light bar install

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    '16 CX-9 LED light bar install

    Hi all!
    Working on installing an LED light bar on the roof rack of the car for early morning drives through the mountains. Where I'm living now hitting a moose is a real possibility, so I'm doing my best to mitigate that.

    I've mounted the bar to the roof rack and run the wiring into the trunk area, but coming up against an issue with power draw. I intended on connecting it to the accessory outlet in the back but reads that it can only support 120 watts - I need more like 170-180. 15 amps would suffice.

    Does anyone know of a power point (if it comes from the battery, even better) that I can connect to? Anything I can splice off of in the rear compartment?

    I'll post pictures once it's light out tomorrow!

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    There's a power connection back there for the hitch lighting (behind the passenger side trunk panel over the wheel well) but I've no idea how much draw that can support. It may be worth running your own power wire directly to the battery just to be sure you're ok.

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    For 15 amps you'll want to connect to the battery. A #14 wire and a 20 amp fuse in the positive wire will be needed.

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