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Thread: charging battery with trickle charger

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    charging battery with trickle charger

    I hope this is the correct forum for electrical questions!

    When I collected my four yearl old CX5 from the dealer after a safety recall, I mentioned that my Istop system ceased working a few weeks ago. The guy said the battery was probably a bit low, take the car on a long journey to charge it up again. Now I won't be going on any "long" journey in the near future, just short ones. So can I just clip on the leads of my trickle charger and leave it overnight?

    I ask because I know the stop/start batteries are not conventional lead-acid ones and need a different charging cycle. Would my trickle charger harm this new sort of battery?

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    Is there any warning light on the dash?
    Q85 battery is needed for i-Eloop as well as i-Stop system.
    These batteries are expensive (>$350 USD).
    In addition, re-programming is needed (at least in case of i-Eloop).
    In my case, I had "Battery Management System Malfunction" on the dash.
    It shows up every week for one day.
    (guess the voltage got too low)
    I could still start engine fine. No issue.
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    I wired my CX-5 with a connector for a CTEK (56-864) MUS4.3 12 Volt Fully Automatic 8 Step Battery Charger.

    I charge every 15 days or so. I don't drive the car much.

    The charger has a recondition mode that balances the individual cells. I use this about twice a year.

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    Yes you can put a "Trickle" battery charger on overnight or a better solution would be to use a charger with an automatic charger reducing system. Ed

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