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Thread: Transmission Solenoid Problem or something else?

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    Question Transmission Solenoid Problem or something else?

    I have a 2010 Mazda 5 that had issues in the past with the transmission computer throwing a bad solenoid code and going into limp mode. When looking to replace the solenoids I found a listing on ebay saying that if you get these codes the transmission computer is bad and has to be replaced or rebuilt. I ended up replacing the transmission computer with a "rebuilt" one and the codes went away and I was no longer stuck in limp mode.

    That was a year or two ago but now I am experiencing an issue where when I put the car in reverse and let off the brake it doesn't gently roll backward like it should. I have to hit the accelerator a bit and it kind of lunges backward. I have no idea what the computer rebuild did but i'm wondering now if one or more solenoids was indeed bad and all the computer "rebuild" did was make the computer ignore the solenoid problem.

    I was going to order a solenoid kit and replace all of them, but I wanted to check to see if anyone on here had any other thoughts first.

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    If you put the car in Neutral (on a small incline), does it roll? You can also jack up each axle and remove both rims (put car in neutral for front, hand brake disengaged for rear). Can you turn caliper easily?

    It sounds like you may have sticky caliper(s). If so try lubing slider pins or piston is not retracting (you'd need to rebuild or replace if piston).
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