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Thread: VID : Upgrading to Performance brake lines Mazda CX 5 KE

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    VID : Upgrading to Performance brake lines Mazda CX 5 KE

    Hi All , Just like to share .

    Thank you

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    Can you confirm what's been stated in the comments - that the brake feel is much more firm?

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    I just picked up a 2018 CX5, so I can't comment on these specific lines, but I have replaced the lines in my 2006 Trailblazer SS (and well as 3 or 4 other cars over the years - not all of them fast and heavy like the TBSS) and they will indeed make a brake pedal feel firmer in a normally functioning braking system.

    The fact is, rubber lines expand. They just do, even when new and even when they aren't on the edge of failure. My TBSS wasn't very old when I swapped out the lines, and it already had excellent brakes from the factory, using reasonable calipers, a huge booster, and the brake pads used the Corvette Z51 compound. But once the lines were swapped out it was a huge difference - they inspired more confidence and what I believe were repeatable braking results.

    It will typically not help you stop sooner, unless something else is far outside of normal operating parameters. It will help with pedal fade VERY little except that some portion of fade can sometimes be attributed to the lines expanding. But better rotors and pads are far more likely to help with fade.

    It's strictly a feel thing for normal use, unless you're taking into account that a properly engineered and deployed set of braided lines should (in theory) last longer than the stock rubber ones. The fact is, though, they can fail, too, in other ways. But done right, they're very inspiring. I would consider them on any car that I was about to go ahead and service the brakes anyway - if you do your own brakes, you're saving a pile of money and obviously care about braking performance.

    And I didn't see pricing on that kit, but i have learned over the years that sometimes the brake line kits can be crazy expensive, unless it's for a very common vehicle that warrants the volume (like a 6th gen Civic, etc.) but the fact is you can make just about anything you need with off the shelf parts and adapters and in my case, a very friendly hydraulic line shop.

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