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Thread: 315Mhz TPMS aftermarket receiver?

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    315Mhz TPMS aftermarket receiver?

    Is there any compatible TPMS receiver for 315Mhz sensors (like in US 2010 CX9), I've seen on the Internet many chinese solar system with sensors, always 400+ Mhz but I dont want to change the sensors.

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    What on earth are you trying to do?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattGoose View Post
    What on earth are you trying to do?!?

    OP, as far as I know, the OEM sensors (I think in the 2010 CX-9 are BBM2-37-140A) are cross compatible with some other sensors in the Mazda lineup. BBM2-37-140B should work as well, same with GN3A-37-140A (though I believe these are from older Mazdas, so battery level may be a concern).

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