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Thread: 2003 Protege5 for sale

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    2003 Protege5 for sale

    This car has been approved for the BAR program for recycling at the nearest BAR yard. If you want this car for restore, parts or whatever, contact me BEFORE SATURDAY MORNING, DEC. 22, 2018.

    It is time to say goodbye to my Ď03 P5. Itís been a great car, but I am not a mechanic and donít have the tools and space to help it out the way it needs. Itís dark blue and looks great as long as you donít look too closely. Leather seats and trim, CD/Cassette/AM/FM that makes my music sound better in the car than in my house. After market halogen headlamps, also, with spare ballast and bulb. It has 183,935 miles on it, and (full disclosure) it has a salvage title. But that was due to a minor accident in itís 10th year that simply exceeded its insurance value. It has run wonderfully for several more years, and with the right care I believe itís got several more years in it. Over the last few years its had new motor mounts, radiator, and low-profile tires. In the last year the brakes, rotors, timing belt, water pump, EGR and sensors, and tranny have all been replaced - but I made the mistake of putting a used tranny in, and lately it has been badly misbehaving. I am hoping that someone who knows what they are doing might want this little beauty. Before the tranny started to go I was asking $1,750 For it (well below market because of the salvage title) but now... I am open to offers. I am in Los Angeles, east San Fernando valley, so if any of you are local, reach out and let me know if you are interested. Iíll post some pictures.

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