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Thread: 2014 Leather Heated Seat Repair

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    2014 Leather Heated Seat Repair

    Passenger seat inop and driver seat only lumbar heat. I have not dug into it but I suspect the elements in the seat itself is bad. When I test drove the car both seats worked but on the way home they quit, so much for my luck!
    Source to purchase the heating elements to place into seat? Does it require a specific resistance or are these sort of generic? Could I just buy one of these setup's and use the elements out of it?

    I have looked at the schematics and assume since one seat is working I can just find the pins that are hot and then move to the other side on the same pins. If I have DC then i can deduce that the element is bad. Assuming this is the case how much grief am I getting into when removing the leather cover to replace the heating elements? Procedures for not mucking up the airbags such as disconnecting battery?

    Special tools such as hog rig pliers or such? Anyone done this and have any tips? Links to a video outlining procedure?

    As I said I am assuming my problem is as simple as a defective heating element, if it is the controller etc. am I better off chucking the system and going aftermarket such as this or diving into the controller module?
    I would sort of like to keep the stock switch if possible. I am not certain the 3 settings is enough, it could just be that my setup (only one of the total 4 elements is working) offers enough modulation, hot is pretty hot but after warming up the low setting is almost too much. I suspect that is because all the power is going to one element.

    Thanks for any advice or insight.
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    Don't over think this until you do some checking. My Saab heated seat quit working and the simple pressure switch that activated the element when I sat down was defective. Cost was about $10. Ed

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    Drivers Side only lumbar heat works, Passenger nothing.
    Passenger side could be switch, Drivers side suspect part of element burned out or unplugged. You are right, just need to dig into it a bit. Just trying to form a game plan ahead of time.

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