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Thread: Cruise control issues

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    Cruise control issues

    I have an 02 MP5, when my cruise control is on
    If i turn on my parking lights my cruise control
    Shuts off.....i cant reset it but its just wierd.
    Any ideas?

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    spiral cable (or known as the clock spring) is bad perhaps? Just throwing a dart in the dark. Most likely you're going to have to dig in with a meter and find out exactly what is happening to fix it.

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    again i'd suggest switching back to regular bulbs. since LED's run at a lower voltage, they flash faster (a way of the car telling you a bulb is going out) and it might mess with your cruise control too.
    try going back to regular bulbs to see if that solves it. if that was the problem but you prefer sticking to led's in the parking lights, then i guess you might have to live with that problem...

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    Ha. Just got back from parts store with regular bulbs to replace the aftermarket LEDs in my neighbor's 2009 Civic. (One is dead.) Her ex installed them, along with some HIDs. First sign of trouble with any of his aftermarket choices, I'm replacing them with stock.
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