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Thread: 2019 CX-5 configurator now live

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    Quote Originally Posted by NelsonLewis View Post
    It should only be available with AWD, unless as stated, you wanna offer rwd too, then we*re talking...haha

    Just like in the Mazda 6, it doesn*t know how to put the power down because of fail wheel drive...
    Since you brought that up......Would be stoked at the rumored FR platform Mazda/Toyota joint venture to become a Tesla Model 3 fighter. ei RWD Mazda6.

    The CX-5, if Mazda wants to take it up to premium status to steal sales from entry level Audi then its higher trims having AWD is a huge step into that direction.

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    Hmmm wondering how this is for the signature trim:
    "Unique overhead console with LED room light and down light"
    i wonder if these are accent lights that remain on at night while driving?

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    I hope so.
    the accent lights in my BMW are awesome. If they can pull off a similar effect, that would be cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monterra View Post
    Last night I went to sleep owning a top-of-the-line CX-5.

    I wake up this morning and it's middle-of-the-pack.

    Magical Hot Wheels:

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasong7131 View Post
    Ahh, wish the gtr had the black headliner
    I can't stand the grey headliner in my black interior CX-5.. it gets filthy just from having the windows open.

    Quote Originally Posted by erhayes View Post
    Not all of us vote for AWD which adds $$$
    You would with a turbo.. otherwise wasted potential

    I'll give it a month before the first gt-r emblem sighting on a cx5.
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    ^I might have to get one just to do that- probably good for ~20 more at the wheels
    247 community defender of: gen1 steering, styling, seats and gated shifter, compression ignition, rwd, Asian twins, winter tires, manual: tailgates, transmissions, ebrakes, also liquid silver and Lawson's Liquids FTFW!

    My automotive lineage:
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    Quote Originally Posted by htbomb View Post
    Last night I went to sleep owning a top-of-the-line CX-5.

    I wake up this morning and it's middle-of-the-pack.

    I wouldn't feel that way, its just like technology - buy the "top of the line" computer or smart phone and 3-6 months later its "out of date"
    Truth is that device is plenty to suit your needs, just remember that new model is usually 10-20% more $$ than you paid for what you have
    IMO, 3.5k plus additional for the turbo option is a bit too much. 2K and I might be interested
    Bet insurance premiums are a bit higher on the Turbo vs STD model too, not to mention maintenance costs
    Made myself feel better anyway

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    Immediately stop using GT-R. TY

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    maybe we can possible buy parts and install power folding mirrors to our 17 and 18 ?

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    XC40 "T5" you CX-5 "GT-R" me..both kinda wrong (and right) but that's ok If not- sorry not least mine was probably funny(to some).. Offensive? Even better
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