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Thread: MAZDA CX5 2012 2.2D - Engine Problem

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    Exclamation MAZDA CX5 2012 2.2D - Engine Problem

    Hello guys,
    My CX5 won't rev up correctly and won't perform right as i want the engine to rev up .

    A little history , a week ago i took it to the local mazda service to change the washers of diesel injectors as i informed that they need to be changed , also they changed my automatic transmission fluid as i passed 140k KM .

    From that day on my car starts and on the start up engines sky rockets to 1200rpm and after drops to 950rpm .
    When i put D and start cruising i got a bit of shaking and after the car revs ok , if i drive a little bit and lets say i have red light on the road , i stop , after i try to rev up to cruise again the engine will not rev up as it should ... its like my engine got DUMB !

    I took it to the dealership (official mazda dealer and service point ) and they drove it , they told me that i think that the car dont revs .... its not my idea .. its not working well ... they read the ECU they didn't find any errors ....

    Any ideas boys and girls ?

    Kind REgards

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    Tell them to re-fix what they messed up. Ed

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    Quote Originally Posted by erhayes View Post
    Tell them to re-fix what they messed up. Ed
    This. They need to fix their shit.

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    Not sure if this is related, but there's a recall coming for the diesels.

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