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Thread: Particles in ATF at 50k + shifting problems

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    Particles in ATF at 50k + shifting problems

    I have a 2014 Mazda5 Grand Touring with just over 50k on it. I am the original owner, normal around town daily driving, no towing or heavy duty stuff. The transmission or ATF has never been touched yet other than checking the level (has never even needed a top up). This afternoon merging onto the highway the trans didn't upshift properly and I hit the rev limiter until I let of the gas and it finally upshifted. A few min later I checked the ATF level and found the level was fine, but there were tons of large particles on the dipstick every time I put it in and out of the trans (see pics) I just checked with a magnet now that I am home and most if not all of them were magnetic. FYI all maintenance since new has been done by myself at the specified intervals. Am I correct in assuming my trans is going out? Thoughts on 60k powertrain warranty coverage?
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    Yikes !

    Be a shame if trans goes out. Hope powertrain covers it

    I too am original owner of my 12, and doing all maintenance myself . Mine has 106k miles

    I changed trans fluid at 60k and again at 90k miles, and haven*t had any issues so far

    Good luck- the pics look terrifying

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