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Thread: BCM programming software & wiring

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    BCM programming software & wiring

    Is there such a thing in the world of Mazda cars? My wife's CX-5 is my first japanese car and I'm curious about a couple things

    Firstly are wiring diagrams, I'd like to see if I can track down the full service schematics for the car. Second is a to find if there is any software out there that opens up the ability to re-program basic car functions (NOT engine related) like one-touch windows, seat memory, add or remove features, etc.

    An example is VCDS or OBD11 for anyone in the VW world where I can program my golf in practically any way imaginable. Things like voltage applied to lights if you do a retrofit, activating a passenger mirror down-tilt on reverse, throttle response, default AC options, etc.

    I am mainly looking to do 3 things
    1: Install a harness for our trailer lighting
    2: Disable our homelink mirror when the ignition is off
    3: Enable a walk-away warning beep similar to the engine-on one when you leave the car with the key.

    I think #1 and #2 are self explanitory but #3 I can explain, I believe one (or both of us) have accidentally not closed the doors fully a couple times in the past. We try to avoid using the horn indication that the doors are locked due to our work hours and proximity to neighbors. We've found the doors unlocked in the morning twice in the last year. I would like to enable a function to do a triple-beep if we try to walk away from the car or lock the doors when there is one that is not fully closed. Does such a thing exist? On my Golf or Z4M I could likely program this easily but I have no found a similar software suite for Mazda yet
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    Sorry, but there is nothing like a Ross-Tech for Mazda.

    I miss it very much.
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