This past weekend I changed over to my winter set which had additional OEM TPMS sensors.

Have to say, I love the process Mazda has as it basically is painless:

When changing tires yourself
If you or someone else changes tires, you
or someone else can also undertake the
steps for the TPMS to complete the ID
signal code registration.
1. After tires have been changed, switch
the ignition ON, then back to ACC or
2. Wait for about 15 minutes.
3. After about 15 minutes, drive the
vehicle at a speed of at least 25 km/h
(16 mph) for 10 minutes and the tire
pressure sensor ID signal code will be
registered automatically.
If the vehicle is driven within about 15
minutes of changing tires, the tire pressure
monitoring system warning light will flash
because the sensor ID signal code would
not have been registered. If this happens,
park the vehicle for about 15 minutes,
after which the sensor ID signal code will
register upon driving the vehicle for 10
I do have a question if anyone can answer. What exactly does the button process due?

Does it put the system in learn mode or does it erase the sensors stored in memory?

Wondering if you could do the above noted process before you remove the summer wheels to cut down the time required to wait the 15 mins.

Any Mazda techs here that can answer or members that have experience changing their own tires with additional sensors?