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Thread: Buying a 2010...

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    Buying a 2010...

    Glad to have found this site. I have a purchase agreement for a 2010 CX 9 AWD Sport with 112,xxx miles, for $9,900. Very well maintained, no rust, interior pristine, everything works. Love the styling,
    the features, and the ride. AWD a good thing to have here in North Iowa. Will mostly use it for my short daily commute, trips around town, and an occasional 4 to 6 hour trip. Purchase pending financing, so I have time to change my mind. So, should I? What should I be looking for as to likely issues, etc.? Advice on keeping it running (we like to pay off cars and keep them as long as possible)? TIA.

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    Search the forum for known issues and you'll find a lot of posts. I like my 1st gen CX-9. I'd probably look for a lower mileage one. Consider if maintenance was done on Transfer case, rear diff, timing belt, water pump...

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