Had nice weather the last few days so I decided to tackle the PCV once and for all. I've seen the Mazda 3 PCV youtube videos but didn't like them b/c they all try to take short cuts, which leads to more effort and a much harder and longer job than necessary. Decided to just take the intake manifold off all together and as suspected this gives you LOTS of work room. Actually, I could not figure out how to disconnect the power brake vacuum booster hose - so left that.

For anyone else thinking of doing PCV or breather hose, there are a few warmings to be aware of. The PCV is held on by a thin and brittle plastic retainer clip. I can't image how you can get the clip off without taking the oil separator off with it. The tolerance/gap is so tight, I could not insert an Exacto blade! I cut away a (very) little of the plastic and got to pop it off. Even with one side unclip, it was still very tight on the other side to get off. I believe you will break this if you try to take the short cut route (you can plan ahead with a replacement).


I have a spare OEM Mazda PCV and OEM Mazda PCV breather hose. Anyone interested?