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Thread: Replacement bulb for 2009 CX9 rear brake lights

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    Replacement bulb for 2009 CX9 rear brake lights

    Hi all my first post. I am in need of some help in searching for a replacement CX9 rear break light build for driver side. Its a 2009 CX9 GrandTouring. Backup and turn signal work but not the brake light. I checked autozone and they donít have a bulb for it. Also I tried to remove the bulb from light and was not able to. Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Philips doesn't show one, either.

    Check here:

    Scroll down to the combo lamp assemblies at the bottom of the page. This shows the individual bulbs. When you find what you need, might as well do both. The one on the other side is equally old. It looks like the socket twists to unlock, then pulls out of the assembly. The bulb then pulls straight out of the socket. But, I'm just looking at the picture.

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