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Thread: '18 Mazda CX5 Cargo Net 0000-8K-R31

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    '18 Mazda CX5 Cargo Net 0000-8K-R31


    Does anyone own the OEM cargo net that Mazda sells for their 2018 CX-5? The part # is 0000-8K-R31.

    I was looking for a cargo net that keeps items upright, or in other words, is attached vertically towards the very back of the trunk.

    The picture for the OEM cargo net on Mazda's website shows the cargo net lays flat. In other words, If I buy a couple half gallons of milk or what not, instead of them sitting upright, they would have to lay flat under the netting.

    Here are links for what I'm trying to describe.

    This is what I prefer[/B]

    This is how they show the 2018 cargo net.

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    A trunk organizer might be another choice.

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