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Thread: 2008 CX9 Rear Suspension Bump Stops

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    2008 CX9 Rear Suspension Bump Stops

    Yesterday I heard a very loud and weird rattle from my right rear suspension (2008 CX9 Touring 2WD).
    Upon inspection, I found the rubber bump stop on the right rear wheel had broken off and was bouncing around inside the coil spring. The top part of it is still screwed into the cross member above.

    First I was surprised to find that the cost of the OEM part goes anywhere north of $106. For a piece of rubber.
    Second, I was surprised to find there are no aftermarket suppliers for such a simple part. This part was on CX9's from 2007-2015, so it seems it should be relevant enough.
    And third, I was surprised to find out from my go-to Mazda dealership parts department that this item has been discontinued by Mazda and the OEM part is not available. This is the first Mazda part I have ever not been able to find, and I also own a 1992 Miata.

    So, on desperation mode, found no used parts on ebay, and I called a few salvage yards and there are no CX9's to be found. I live in an island so salvage yards are few and short on selection.

    Up the creek without a paddle. Can anyone suggest a solution?

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    Hockey puck. They have so many uses. Or something like this: Prothane 19-1318-BL Bump Stop - Black, Polyurethane, Universal, Set of 2.
    Do you even need your bump stops? i have overloaded my cx-9 more times than i'd like to admit and never bottomed out the spring limit ever, not once.
    You live out on a dirt bumpy road?

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