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Thread: Mazda Mobile Start vs Remote Start

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    Quote Originally Posted by kone View Post
    Just to be clear, you can get aftermarket remote start that will use your oem fob. My daughter had it done on her 17 GT at local shop for under 300 (I think). Dealer wanted a lot more (800?) but her salesperson told her they just sent the car out to the very same shop, it wasn*t done in house with oem parts. It was a Viper unit.
    This is correct. Talk to a Viper dealer.

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    Thanks. I checked and BestBuy has a Viper for $259.

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    Quote Originally Posted by just_jeepin View Post
    Thanks. I checked and BestBuy has a Viper for $259.
    Just to be clear part 2, the basic Viper system (that uses the oem fob) has a somewhat limited range. It also is not 2-way so you don*t get any sort of confirmation on the fob that the car started. You might want to consider these limitations when you decide to buy if your car is normally parked a bit of a ways away and/or it isn*t in your view. The upgraded Viper system has a much longer range and does give confirmation HOWEVER, you have a separate remote.

    My daughter bought the basic but now wishes she got the upgrade because she cannot start her car from her work desk (and know it started). She has to walk to the window to get closer and see it start. At home she*s close enough and it will start easily. She was also hung-up about the separate remote but now thinks it wouldn*t be such a big deal.

    I*m guessing other brands are the same? The shop my daughter had the job done by uses Viper and they did a fantastic job explaining all this to her (and me as I*m considering having my 18 Signature done).
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