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Thread: Camber bolt kits, which hole to install?

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    Camber bolt kits, which hole to install?

    Ordered a 2 pairs of MOOG camber kits that arrive today and wanted to make sure I have it all right before I go about installing them.
    From what I've read and looked up, the camber kits go in the top hole for the rear. For the front, I hear mixed opinions whether it's the top hole or bottom hole. At the moment I have more answers saying the bottom hole in the front because the top bolt is already an OEM camber bolt or something?
    Also is the tab facing inward towards the engine and lobe outward?
    Camber bolts install in...
    Front: bottom hole
    Rear: top hole
    Tabs: faced toward engine, lobe facing outward

    Did I get this right?

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    Both front and rear should be in the top hole. As far as adjustment goes, you'll need to get it on an alignment rack to set camber properly.

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