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Thread: Sorting a couple of dash rattles - 2018 model.

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    Sorting a couple of dash rattles - 2018 model.

    I had a couple of rattles which curiously, I never had with my red 2017 model. Iíve sorted them now with a bit of input from RRG Stockport who have been superb about sorting defects since I changed over from Toyota to Mazda. Anyway, thats another subject so first, the rattle from the centre dash vent. The left one rattled consistently when the vent was in the open position. It took a bit to identify it but RRG had it in for another job and they greased the linkage. I had the trim off to sort another rattle which Iíll come to but here is the bit that needs greasing if you get the same rattle;

    I just got some Ceratec brake grease which will withstand being hot and applied to the linkage just like RRG had done to the left side (Note, I had only taken the vents off while I sorted the other rattle and did this as a precaution). I just cut a strip of cardboard and used it as a spatula;

    OK, on to the reason I took the trim out (it comes complete with the centre vents). I had another tick that was coming from the dash directly in front of me. I could stop it by applying pressure just above the instruments. After taking the dash trims off, the reason became clear. It was contact between the instrument bezel and the upper trim - the one with the centre vents in. It just all pulls apart by getting your fingers behind. The R/H section comes complete with the instrument bezel and the left one comes after the lower trim - the one with the starter button. It looks a bit like this when you get to it;

    You can see the witness mark where the two parts have contacted each other;

    So after thorough cleaning (dust and grit can make horrendous creaking and ticking noises), I applied a bit of stick on foam.

    Pop it all back on. Donít forget to attach the hazard warning switch wire and the and the starter switch wire;

    ......and the flex trim on the steering column shroud;

    The ventilation controls are beautifully made with flexible rubber seals;

    Mazda spend millions on developing materials that donít reflect on the windscreen. Apply silicone shine at your peril! This is the best product Iíve come across that leaves it dull and clean;

    Finally, a little tip to avoid rattly sunglasses in the overhead holder. Trap a little bit of foam on top of the sunglasses as you shut it;

    A little test drive confirms - a rattle free dash!

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    Nicely done Anchorman!
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    Thank you Sir!

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    That's some impressive dedication to rattle elimination. They are a huge pet peeve of mine too but that's more effort than I would put into stopping them. That, and I'm 100% sure I would break something in the attempt.

    My '17 has a metallic sounding rattle in the rear hatch area that I cannot track down. Bumps of any magnitude set it off. I can't find anything loose back there so it's on to plan B (live with it...).

    To be honest I'm a little disappointed in the car in this respect. The interior build quality seems high for the class, but I have a lot more snaps crackles and pops than I would have expected to have.

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    Ya when it*s colder out the Center dash speaker grill makes a snapping noise sometimes until it warms up

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