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Thread: Project WIFE'D: My 2007 3i done the hard way

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    Project WIFE'D: My 2007 3i done the hard way

    I've recently become the "owner" of a 190k+ mile Mazda3 that I've been in love with for a while now. My wife purchased this car used in 2010 and it's been a great car. I've been a fan of the first-gen 3 since they came out and, despite my user name, I'm pretty excited to have this car. The CX-5 in my sig is her new car and the 3 is now mine! So I'm starting Project WIFE'D (What I Finally Ended [up] Driving). I was trying to think of a funny acronym that included "wife" and couldn't come up with much.

    This car started as a base-as-base-can-get model. 2.0L, 5-speed, crank windows, steelies with hub caps, 4-speaker stereo, you name it. It's gained a few things during its journey.

    Mods done:

    - OEM power windows
    - OEM power door locks
    - OEM power mirrors
    - Viper keyless entry
    - OEM power trunk released wired to the keyless entry AUX input
    - OEM Bose speakers (still stock radio, but sounds better now)
    - OEM cruise control
    - OEM fog lights with OEM switch
    - independent fog light mod (wired to come on with markers)
    - enabled trip computer in factory radio
    - Adjustable rear control arms
    - Adjustable rear toe links
    - Grounded throttle body (I know I know, hotly-debated)
    - A/C evaporator core temp sensor mod
    - Roca solid rubber passenger side engine mount and transmission mount
    - Focus ST rear engine mount
    - Heated driver's seat (yep, my wife sure liked that one a LOT)
    - Solid shifter base bushings (machined myself)
    - "straightened" shifter rod to correct position (got sick of having 2nd/4th gear practically in my damn cupholder)

    Already purchased but need to install:

    - 16" alloy wheels
    - Mazdaspeed3 rear sway bar with new Moog end links
    - ProSport oil pressure gauge
    - Block8Head vent pod for oil pressure gauge
    - CorkSport exhaust hangers
    - Injen CAI

    Planned mods yet to purchase:

    - change stupid wood fake grain radio surround to Speed3 graphite grey so it matches the power window switch panels
    - Eonon head unit
    - maybe factory side skirts
    - under-seat compact subwoofer

    I'll post up some pics when I get a chance!

    Jon J.

    2007 Mazda 3i Sport 2.0/5MT
    2014 Mazda CX-5 Sport 2.0/6MT

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    Welcome! Great intro and project...Got Pics? Looking forward to seeing the progress on this build!

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    Woah o.o Thats alot of work!
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    Whats your driving style?

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    Haven't gotten pics up yet, but soon. I actually got rid of Photobucket altogether and need to find a good alternative (Imgur maybe?)

    It's funny to be modding this car now when I've been driving it here and there for years. Some of my upcoming efforts will be going toward the new CX-5, but I'll still get some time to toy around with the 3 before the white flakes fly.

    With the amount of success stories regarding the 2.5L swap, that's becoming a contender as well. It definitely looks easier than some engine swaps I've done in the past .

    Always something to learn!
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