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Thread: Four way head rest, anything fit ?

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    Four way head rest, anything fit ?

    The cx-5 seats are reasonably comfortable but the wife finds the headrests sit too far forward so tilts the seat back to compensate. ( her old BMW had some fore and aft adjustments)

    Iím reasonably sure the mazda headrests are designed to improve whiplash by having a small space between head and headrest, but this gap doesnít suit driver comfit in all cases.

    Is anyone across any other headrest Mazda or otherwise that would bring 4 way option to the CX-5 seat.

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    I would like to find out about this as well. I'm the other way around, I'm laying in there, so the headrest is way too far from my head.

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    Not that your immediate problem is solved, but the head restraints DO install in reverse, This would resolve the comfort issue.


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    In the case where you wife finds the head rest too close to her, she can adjust it, here is how.

    Simply lower the back of the seat a bit so that you can fully remove the head rest. Hold the button in until it is completely free of the seat back. Then reverse it and put it back into the holes.

    It will sit quite a bit farther back now, however, it will no longer lock into place, meaning it cannot be adjusted to sit higher and notch into place.

    This should not be a problem since in the event of a rear ender, there is no reason for the headrest to pop up and out.

    Oops, sorry bamirault, I just noticed that you already responded to this post yesterday. Better put my glasses on.
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