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Thread: Sport, Touring or Grand Touring, how to tell

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    Sport, Touring or Grand Touring, how to tell

    Just bought a 2009 Mazda5 yesterday. How to I tell which trim I have? Tried a VIN decode and came up short. Can't seem to find anything on this anywhere.

    Thanks in advance

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    What features does it have? Leather? Sunroof?
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    Don't know much about the 09 models - I remember the GT had the LED tails or something.

    For the 12+
    Sport is base, smaller wheels, no side skirts, no spoilers, no fogs.

    Spoiler, side skirts, fogs

    Leather, moonroof, HID.

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    How did you negotiate price without knowing the trim??

    For 2008, see page 3. Not sure if such a document exist for 2009 models b/c 2008 is the mid-cycle refresh (major update).
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