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Thread: 17 wheels for winter (offset 45 v 35?)

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    17 wheels for winter (offset 45 v 35?)

    Good morning,

    I am looking to order a wheel and winter tire package from tire rack. The wheels of interest (Radius W115) come in 45mm and 35mm offsets. If factory wheels are 45 offset, is there any reason to go with the 35? The 45mm wheels are special order and not in stock is the only reason I may consider the 35mm but those would stick out further?

    Thanks for your guidance.

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    Personally I chose an offset of 38 over 45 when buying my winter alloy wheels on purpose, not a fan of the narrowish wheel stance on our CX-5. 35 vs 45 means you are only talking about 1 cm difference sticking out, shouldn't make any difference and bound to look even better IMO! KalTire (here in Canada) listed different available offsets so I'm sure it'll be fine...

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    The wheels will sit 10mm more outboard than the OEM wheels. This is more than likely too small of a variance to affect anything (such as rubbing tires on the fender liner when the suspension compresses). The car may drive a little bit differently, but it would be very minor and I doubt you'd be able to tell the difference. I'd say go for it.

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