So this is something that caused my wife a lot of problems and of course resulted in causing me a lot of problems with frantic phone calls from her when she was at a parking lot and the stupid car alarm kept going off.
Finally found the cause. She had gotten into the habit of getting into the car and locking the doors and THEN trying to start the car.
I experimented with this and found that if I get into the car after unlocking it with the remote and then lock the doors using the buttons on the door that the alarm will go off if I hit the brakes or try to start the car.
Is this normal behavior? does this mean that locking the door using the inside buttons turns the alarm on?? I don't understand why.....shouldn't it be the external buttons of the FOB only that turns the alarm on?

This means you can't go sit in your car and lock the doors, you have to leave them unlocked if you're sitting in your car. That's not the safest thing to do in some parking lots....especially at night.
I can do this with my other cars and they have I'm not sure what's going on with this cx9