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Thread: Sms/text question

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    Sms/text question

    Anyone have an idea why I am not able to respond to text messages with the preset responses the system provides? The respond button is greyed out. I can receive texts, but just can't respond as, I assume, it was intended to work in this manner. I have an Iphone XS Max, and a Iphone 6S plus prior to that. Any insight is appreciated.


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    I have an iPhone 6s, and I was only able to get the Mazda Connect to read my messages for a brief period before it stopped doing it at all. I read somewhere that someone deleted all of their text messages and was able to get it to work again, but there are a lot of us that do not want to wipe out all of our texts. So there's that. So instead of trying to find ways to make it work, I installed the Carplay hardware in mine. Once I had that done, I just use Siri to read my messages back to me.

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