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Thread: Hood Lift Struts Installed

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    My mother in law has a base Kia Soul with no options and it has gas struts...

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    here it is for 2013 - 16 CX-5
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    Quote Originally Posted by 7eregrine View Post
    I've never had the good struts just five out. My last 4 cars have had them. There's, at least with my Saabs, always been fair warning if one was dying.
    Same here.

    Years ago I bought a brand new Chrysler Lazer. It had struts for the back hatch, which was very heavy.

    After a couple of years, during very cold weather in Colorado Springs, it slowly began to fail. When raised, it would begin to slowly drop. I suppose if I had let it go very long, eventually it would just drop like a rock instead of slowly falling. I simply bought new struts before it had a chance to put me or anyone else in danger. But, I did have a few weeks of warning before it slowly began to fail.

    After market hood struts are just too inexpensive to not buy them. There is no excuse unless one is a body builder, wants to be a body builder or just too lazy to install them. I suspect the latter would be the major excuse.

    I know for sure that if my wife had to open the hood of our CX-5 before I installed the struts, she wouldn't have been able to without the potential risk of injury.
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    I don't think my wife would even know what to do with the rod. LoL
    (Yes, that sounds bad).
    She'd probably tell me the hoods broke because it won't stay up.

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    Nice. I installed some of these on my '15 back in '14 shortly after I bought my CX-5.
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    these say they fit 16,17,18 for only $21

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    Quote Originally Posted by topdog11ttc View Post
    these say they fit 16,17,18 for only $21
    Since virtually all of the hood struts are made in China, they are probably okay. If I didn't already have mine, I would most likely go for this deal.

    Offer him $19. He will probably counter offer with $20. It's a game.

    You are probably looking at about 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. No big deal.

    The great thing about ebay is that if you don't receive your product, they reimburse you directly. If you get a faulty product and have to pay to send it back, ebay will reimburse you for the return freight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Paul View Post
    I'm even "gladder" because I have both.
    David, Struts look good.

    Never had struts on car go out on me too. That said the struts on my tool cart went out. Both leaked. Considering how heavy the hood is it's good insurance to use the rod. Having the strut do the heavy lifting (LOL) is worth the investment Plus it looks great.

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