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Thread: License plate bracket

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    License plate bracket

    I installed this bracket on my rear license plate yesterday. I had been searching for a nice frame but couldnít find one that I really liked. I was searching for the cleanest look possible... Iím super happy with how this one came out. I got it at Walmart. I think it sells for $4.97, but they had it marked at $0.97 on the automotive products isle, so they had to match the $0.97 for me. Havenít checked if they updated the price at the isle afterwards, but itís well worth the $5 anyways if you ask me.

    However, do note that I had to modify it because the holes didnít line up with those on the plate and the lift gate. I just drilled bigger holes on the bracket. Turned out great. The license plate now just floats over the lift gate. Also installed one on our Miata... loved the look on both cars.

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    Thanks for this posting. I noticed that the license plate on my '18 GT was mounted directly against the rear hatch and was beginning to affect the paint. Went to my local Walmart and bought the exact same bracket and drilled it out. Mounted the plate and it absolutely does not touch the paint. Just sort of floats there. Looks great.

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    Good idea. I've been meaning to put some foam or something behind my plate, but I like this mount better.
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