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Thread: CarPlay and Android Auto dongles

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    CarPlay and Android Auto dongles

    Has anyone purchased and successfully installed one of those $60 ish USB dongles that claim you can use CarPlay or Android Auto? I've seen them on eBay.

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    That's not going to work. Says you need to install an app in the Android navigation on the head unit.

    The cables and usb hub was very easy. I did it today in 45 minutes (after the 45 minutes last night for the firmware). I was surprised at how easy it was. I needed a 10MM socket and a screwdriver. The rest was done with my hands.

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    The part looks to be a video streaming adapter, basically turning a car with DVD screen into a way to cast an app on a bigger screen.

    It will not give you AA or Carplay, and it likely won't work at all with Mazda.

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    Do it the right way, and get the kit from Mazda.

    Buy this, it has all the parts you need:
    Carefully ready through the first three posts on this forum. It has all the information you need for the firmware upgrade:
    Watch these videos, they will guide you through the install process:

    Other than that, the only other tools you need is a philips head, 10mm socket, and plastic stick tool (I used a butter knife in its place).

    You don't need to be tech-savvy to do this upgrade, but you do need to be good at following instructions, especially during the firmware upgrade process.

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