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Thread: Weird/shaky steering wheel action when moving slightly (1-2 inches) off center

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    Question Weird/shaky steering wheel action when moving slightly (1-2 inches) off center


    This is a steering wheel feeling that I've been getting since owning the car at 30k mi. It's now at around 39k mi. I was never able to fully isolate the feeling because I also had a shake from the tires the dealership put on without balancing them. I finally took them to a top notch guy in Yonkers to road force balance them last week and completely took the 60 mph shake out. With the wheels smooth, I confirmed my suspicion that the steering wheel felt strange.

    So here's what feels a bit weird. It happens when driving anywhere above 30 mph. I think it's happening at lower speeds but doesn't catch my attention as much. Assume the wheel is dead center, it is smooth. When moving 1-2 inches left or right and back to center, the action is not smooth. It feels as if it's shaking or there's some sort of resistance. Not a smooth resistance. It is as if there is a very slight wheel imbalance or I thought maybe my rims were bent but neither of those are true. I'm not even sure if this is what you would feel with a bent rim, just a wild guess. I had my wheel guy check the rims and he mentioned they were perfect and would be surprised at a bent rim with just high tires. I definitely didn't feel this in my Altima, granted it is a much softer ride.

    Any ideas? Am I just honing into something that isn't an issue?
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    Have you had it aligned (all four wheels)?

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    How long were you driving on unbalanced tires? I would suspect a bad CV joint, maybe a wheel bearing. You're sure the lug nuts are properly torqued?

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