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Thread: Humidity on front windows, can hardly see!

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    It's a catch 22 situation. Wev'e had lots of morning fog here the past few weeks so I have this problem as well. Putting the defroster on cycles the a/c, it's just what it does to dry the inside air, which in turn makes the windshield cold and condensation forms on the outside. So, you turn the heat up to dry the outside. Except when it's a warm, muggy morning it gets pretty unbearably warm in the cabin.

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    I live in Heat and Humidity Central (South Florida) and at 6:45 in the mornings and most days, no matter the season, thereís dew on the exterior glass. I have to set the temp to high and turn on the defrosters to keep the windshield from fogging up again. I only have run it for about 10 minutes until the windshield is warm enough.

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    Iím telling you guys. Try Aquapel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jthj View Post
    I*m telling you guys. Try Aquapel.
    Or try AquaGel.....the toothpaste lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anchorman View Post
    Yes, the record button needs checking.

    Here is that cabin filter vid......
    Yet another informative video from Anchorman

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    I feel your pain - MD this year has been horrible. As gross as it sounds, when it's 85 degrees and 100% humidity, I run the defroster for a bit. And yes, on a 75-ish degree setting. It gets rid of the fog on the windows and dries out the cabin a bit. I turn it off after about 5 minutes (it's all I can stand)

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    If you run the climate control in auto without overriding the A/C, you should rarely see any mist on the windows. If you do, it would be because maybe you collected a couple of passengers on a rainy day who are wearing rain soaked clothes.

    The only reasons that would not be the case is that the cabin filter is blocked, the recirc button is pressed, the A/C needs re-gassing.

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    You could also have a problem with fog on the inside if your drain from the AC under the car was plugged...

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