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Thread: HELP! Can't get the rear brake piston to compress! 2016 CX5

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    Arrow HELP! Can't get the rear brake piston to compress! 2016 CX5

    Quote Originally Posted by pbesong View Post
    the inner was pretty thin and the outer still had about 3/16 or so on it if i remember right. i didn't think that was out of the ordinary from what i've seen before on brake pads. the way the rotors were scored i was surprised i never heard any squeal out of them.
    Diffetent thickness of old pads can also be an evidence of faulty caliper due to insufficient accuracy of the screw threads on EPB even if you didnít hear any squealing noise.


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    I did not have those symptoms and pads seemed to wear evenly. I guess the whitened color indicates a caliper is dragging the pads.

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    hey guys, I just saw this on Pinterest and thought I'd pass it along. Seems like a pretty solid idea. Haven't tried it though. BTW, I did my front brake pads today and it was easy-peasy. took me about a half hour to do both sides. So look at this piston compression tool. You might even have one already. looks like you have to saw off part of the caulking gun.

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    Good grief, I*ve just come across this and seen the trail of devastation for what should be a simple job. I keep reading that you need a piston wind back tool - no you don*t. You only need that if you have the old manual handbrake. If you have the electric (EPB) you must not attempt to wind it back and if you follow the instructions to the letter it is so easy and on return, they are self adjusting. You must not operate maintenance mode with the pads removed as seen. I can*t imagine the logic but I suppose if it isn*t fully understood you can get in trouble. They added the precaution of disconnecting the wire only to stop getting muddled about where the calipers are.

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