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Thread: My First Issue Looking Fir Guidance

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    My First Issue Looking Fir Guidance


    I have just experienced the first issue with my 2007 Mazda CX-8.

    I just noticed that while the radio works fine when I put on the rear defroster it switches to almost 100% static.

    Iíve played around with the rear defrost button and anytime I pressed it the radio immediately becomes staticy.

    Is this a known issue?

    Not sure if this is also a problem but anytime I turn the car off the interior fans go on for about 30 seconds.

    Appreciate any suggestions.


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    I believe the radio antenna on the 2007 CX9 is embedded into the rear windows and is part of the rear defroster wires.. There may be a break in the antenna So when you turn on the defroster. It's causing the static.
    See link.... Seems like a common issue

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