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Thread: Rear hatch opening by itself????

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    Quote Originally Posted by alphadog00 View Post
    maybe some other remote is triggering it.

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    Reading this thread I am glad that I bought my 2017 CX5 without the auto lift gate. I have to walk behind and lift it up manually to open it. Besides I get a little bit more peace of mind and exercise.

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    I haven't read this thread for some time (been traveling quite a bit), and it's a little comforting to see that others are experiencing this as well (sorry all "others") and I'm not imagining things. Again, I am absolutely, without any doubt whatsoever sure that I did not trigger the button accidentally. I will take this up with my dealer next time I'm there for service. This worrisome and should be at least given some consideration by Mazda. From time to time, I transport a LOT of expensive photo gear in my car and an occasional quick stop somewhere may prove tragic. Even if with an empty car, imagine the consequences of your tail gate opening during a torrential downpour! No thanks.

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    Defective fob is my guess.

    Take the battery out of the "bad" fob and then use the other one for a while. See if it happens again.

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