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Thread: 2013 front susp knock

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    2013 front susp knock


    Cheating here a bit to hopefully save some time looking for my knock . I have a 2013 with 160 thou kms, or 100thou miles , and it has a distinct knock as the front tyre hits a bump or travels over a sudden depression in the road . Was wondering whats the weak bush in the front suspension . I would almost guess the top strut bearing .


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    Most likely strut bearing, also check the stabilizer end link for slop. If the nut is loose it will bang when the stabilizer bar is suddenly loaded. Also the large circular bushing that surrounds the projection at the end of the lower control arm can be prone to knock if it's worn out.

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    Could also be a weak strut allowing the wheel to bounce more, very likely at 100k

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    If its the opposite side of the transmission. Check the motor mount by the timing chain. When they wear out, you may not feel anything different, but a knock when you hit a bump.

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