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Thread: Cold start chirping [2016 Touring]

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    Question Cold start chirping [2016 Touring]

    I have recently noticed a small chirp at cold start that I swear this thing has not had before. It doesn't have a specific rhythm and will sometimes be louder than usual. It only lasts until the cold start RPM drops to idle RPM and I cannot recreate it at any other time, even with revving the engine.

    I'm absolutely perplexed and it's likely not an issue at all, but I tend to try to catch these kind of things early before they develop into major problems. Does anyone else experience this? I've got the 2.5L with roughly 57k on the clock. I can't imagine that it's already time to replace the belts, but maybe it is? I don't see any leaking or strange wear on the tensioner.

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    I have just went through the tensioner replacement, at 44k. Mine it was (very)wet though. Start and stop the A/C and see if you can replicate it, that way.

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    I likewise just had to replace the drive belt tensioner. Seems this particular part is prone to leaking. But replacing it took care of the chirp/squeal I had develop in the engine bay.
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    Unfortunately, sounds can be non mechanical. Such as shaking or vibrating because of expansion and contraction. You may need to get under the car to see if a loose exhaust hanger or something else is causing it. Once you think your in the right area move around and see if it's location changes. Sometimes, sounds seem to come from one place until you move around to discover that you were hearing it's echo or resonance off something else. Harmonics on cold start are different than when revving to. Good luck hunting.

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