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Thread: Adding a Destination to Favorites

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    Smile Adding a Destination to Favorites

    Many of you guys probably already know this, but I offer it for those like me who didn't......when you want to add a new destination as a Favorite, the user manual/ You Tube tutorials will tell you to go to the Navigation menu, select Favorites, and then choose 'add current destination', but because I hadn't read the user manual when I was entering my destination, I instinctively just hit the black * Favorites button, and the message came up 'The Destination has been added to your Favorites'. It meant that I could stay on the same screen and immediately start navigating to my destination. I offer it as informational.

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    If you really want to get the most out of MZD GPS you should add your favorites. Also, I recommend turning on the feature that only shows...
    Actually I'll add a photo in a minute and explain.

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