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Thread: Samsung Galaxy S8 BT connection with my 2014 CX-5

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    Samsung Galaxy S8 BT connection with my 2014 CX-5

    Hello, thread. I want to know if anyone else is experiencing something I am:
    1. I switched to Galaxy S8 from my iPhone 6
    2. Forgot all the BT connections on my Mazda and my phone (clean slate)
    3. Connected my Galaxy S8 to my CX-5

    Issue: When I pair my phone to my car, the connection is a hit/miss with the MEDIA portion. Calls work just fine, but 50% of the time (every other time I turn off/on my car) I find myself having to reset (toggle) my Media Audio option on my phone in order to establish the music connection. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    had the problem with playing music files before, works really fine now after i updated the "Samsung Music" app from Google Play Store. good luck.

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