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Thread: Mazda 2 2011 horn and radio

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    Mazda 2 2011 horn and radio

    Hi there,
    For almost a month now my radio and my horn have stopped working. I already had the problem where my radio stopped working and bumped it and it fixed it, but this time my radio doesn’t seem to come back, also my horn doesn’t work (I don’t use it often)

    If someone could tell me a solution or and hypothesis of what the problem would be...


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    I had the radio issue and had to bump it, but if both that and the horn do not work that sounds like either a coincidence or a fuse/relay issue.
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    Radio is on the same fuse as the door locks, so if your doors also don't lock, then it's likely the fuse.

    Not sure what the horn is on, but the "ROOM" fuse is the one responsible for your radio.
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