Wow this forum has been a treasure trove of knowledge as I prepare to upgrade my 2011 CX9 Touring. I was a bit overwhelmed reading about the builds and issues from 2012-13, but it appears many of the kinks have been worked out.

The lingering question I have after reading as much as I could find is whether to go with the RP4-MZ11, the CTSMZ2010.2, or the idatalink Maestro.

It seems like the Maestro would provide the most functionality, but I can't find information on whether the AC issue is rectified or if other hardware is needed. I know that the other two options both fix the AC issue, so I would like to assume the Maestro does as well, but i've made the mistake of assuming one too many times....

From reviews i've read, the Sony XAV-AX100 seems great and affordable, but the XAV-AX210 is coming out "Fall 2018" and includes idatalink Maestro support. So if the Maestro does fix the AC issue (or, rather, doesn't create an AC issue), or if adding another hardware piece is easy enough, i'll likely wait for the 210.

Any other head units I should be looking at? Really just looking for Carplay support, integration with a backup cam (my CX9 does not have factory backup cam, recommendations?), with price being an important consideration (part of the reason the AX100/AX210 is so attractive).

Any opinions or observations are welcome.