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Thread: Protege 2003 Manual Speed Sensor

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    Protege 2003 Manual Speed Sensor

    Hi All,

    2003 Protege LX 2.0 Manual no ABS here. My speedometer doesn't indicate speed anymore. Had the same issue 7 years ago and the dealer replaced the speed sensor. But this is now my project car and I can't justify (am not allowed by my wife) spending money on it so any help/encouragement is greatly appreciated.

    I found the sensor and it really is in the most inconvenient spot, on the back of the engine, on the right, under a bunch of hoses and wires. I removed the battery, tray and intake to have some room. I removed the one bolt that's on the sensor and tried to pull it out by hand but the sensor is stuck. Then, disaster, the whole perpendicular metal piece broke off after my first attempt to pry it out. Then, disaster number 2, trying to pull it out, the whole plastic top of it broke off. Now, the remainder of the sensor that's in there is almost flush with the transmission case. I read about the "corkscrew method", drilling a hole and putting in a screw and trying to pull it out, but there's absolutely no way I can get a drill in there. I'm fairly mechanically inclined but I don't think I can take the entire intake manifold and all the wires and hoses off and then put it all back together...

    So, is there hope for my car? Or will the transmission need to come off? (which unfortunately I'm not equipped to do, and my wife won't let me pay someone to do it, which in turn, means it would be the end of the road for my beloved Protege...) Anyone having experience with this sensor, I will be infinitely grateful for your advice.

    Thank you very much!

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    Pull the manifold, it's not that bad. Just take lots of pictures.
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