hello all,

this is my first post, and thank you in advance for all of the advice.

i have a 2013 mazda cx-5 sport turning, bose system w/o gps.

here is the situation, i turn the radio off. the volume set at 15 for example, power off the car. i power the car on and power on the radio. the volume will go from 15 to 0. this will happen every time, i repeat the process outlined above. but if, i power off the car with out powering off the radio the volume will stay at 15 when the car is powered back on.

i noticed that my volume up and down and station up and down stopped working so i replace the control with a new one from the dealer. that didn't resolve the issue so i replace the wiring harness inside the steering wheel that connects the radio/phone and curse control. still didn't work.

i thought the radio was going out so i replace the radio with a aftermarket one. i got the same symptoms on the aftermarket radio. i could set the volume to 15 but it would go back down to 0 every time.

i hope the fix is simple, and thanks everyone for taking the time to read my post.