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Thread: 2016 CX-9 brakes lock up.

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    2016 CX-9 brakes lock up.

    So a week ago at night I drove my CX-9 hard up entering the freeway and my SCBS system start flashing it had malfunction and the vehicle needs to be restart. I slowed the vehicle down to 45mph to exit, SCBS light came on and Tire pressure next, while parking my SUV at the nearest gas station at slow speed 5-10mph I noticed the brakes would lock up. Shot off the car, checked my tires, and restarted the car. Everything seem fine, error message and light were gone. Next day drove it around afternoon, everything seemed normal till at night. At the parking lot with slow sleep around 10mph again it started locking up. This time however had no warning, restarted the car and everything seem fine again. I took it to the dealer few days later and today to my surprise on the phone they told me everything seem fine and there is no error code...they even kept the car for two days and drive 7miles on it.

    I'm kind of stump here, as there was an error message from the vehicle and they said their isn't as if they have done a diagnostic and nothing had shown up. They also said I might had a hard turn and cause the system to malfunction...yeah. whatever.
    Should I consider getting an OBD scanner to check it myself? if so which one is good? or I should take it to another dealer for them to check it out.


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    Sorry to hear that. It's a major safety concern with the malfunctioning. A simple scanner won't be able to do much. I would highly advise you to record it next time with your phone for proof.

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    Yep. Photograph those warning indicator lights.

    Try contacting Mazda North America, 800-222-5500. Tell them a concise version of your experience including that the dealer found nothing. Try to find out how to contact a Mazda district representative, either through the dealer service manager (the manager, not just a service writer) or through Mazda North America.

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