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Thread: 2002 Mazda Protege5

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    2002 Mazda Protege5

    This is a 2002 Mazda protégé five wagon. It is a five speed with 112,000 original miles. It runs perfectly with no issues. Only selling because we replaced it. This has been our daily driver for eight years. It has literally been the most reliable vehicle I’ve ever owned. Power windows, power door locks, power sunroof, AC, heat, cruise control, factory stereo, keyless entry, backseats fold-down for deep storage. Cold air intake. Header. Good gas mileage. New tires, and alignment, current inspection. I have a clean title in hand. $2700. Ready to ride. Located in Roanoke, Virginia

    Sorry to be a noob but I can’t see how to host pics. I have plenty. PM if interested.
    I am neanderpaul!!!!!! See all my vids at 88 festiva LX w/BP 93 - Festiva GL auto w/ air (getting B6T) - 98 Nissan Quest - Cream Puff, 90 LX aspire swapped, ac swapped, 15"s. 02 Protege 5 wife's DD.

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    you can use an image hosting site, i personally use imgur.
    to post the picture, on the toolbar above the textbox for your reply you'll see things such as font, size, etc. click the picture of the tree and post the image url in there.
    make sure it has .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif at the end of the url.

    hopefully helps you out with your sale on here good luck!

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