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Thread: 2016.5 CX-5 GT- Alternative Size?

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    2016.5 CX-5 GT- Alternative Size?

    Sorry about the lame post, but I'm having difficulties with tire comparisons on if alternate sizes will fit.

    It's about time to change the tires from the stock all-seasons 225/55R19 to winter tires, but I'm not if my old winter tires will fit - 235/60R17

    IF NOT, is someone able to tell me what size 18" steel wheels would fit or alternate?

    18" or smaller for cost saving measures and 19" plain steel wheels are a bit hard to find

    Sorry for the lame question and thank you for the answer! Not too much of a car guy, but enough to want to try and learn

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    I think they will work OK but go to a tire size calculator to see. Can also look at tire rack and specifications for the sizes to see differences in diameter. Also look at the number of revolutions per mile and compare to see what % of difference there is so you know how much the speedometer is off...

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