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Thread: 1.5 dynamic exhaust crackle and pop

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    1.5 dynamic exhaust crackle and pop

    hi Ladies and Gents.
    i have had my 2015 mazda 2 for about 6 months now, i have taken the resonator and muffler out, replaced with 25mm stainless steel pipe.
    so today (06/09/2018) i took my car in and got stage 2 tuning done, i asked the guy to try a crackle and pop map and he did and said it was not possible. now my car is already loud at the moment, is there a way to make it crackle and pop without making it too much more louder, ie decatting it. some advise would be very helpful.
    i do not mind decatting it but what would i put in place to stop it from going even louder

    thanks !!!

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    That crackle and pop your hear on higher end cars is a result of slight amounts of unburnt fuel. Your tuner would need to dump excess fuel into the combustion chamber for that to happen, which, while not bad for the car per se, isn't conducive with making maximum amounts of power.

    Getting rid of the muffler/resonator doesn't really do much for the crackle/pop, so throw that back on and maybe get a new header which will probably get you the closest to the sound you're looking for.
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    were you able to resolve the issue?

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