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Thread: Mazda sent us stickers! Anyone else?

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    no stickers, but to make up for the lack of a coolant temp gauge, I was given a ScanGauge II which displays coolant temp, intake air temp, voltage, and ignition timing.
    Why, that'snot what you CX5ers got?
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    No stickers, must be overstock from when that was their actual slogan. Not cool anymore IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpfahrstar View Post
    Just received the Summer 2018 Zoom Zoom magazine and an offer to sign up to get 2 more a year. Bought my CX-5 about 5 months ago. I'm an old guy but think that a Zoom Zoom sticker on the car is just right!
    Think our Zoom Zoom mag is just online now

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    I bought a 18 CX-5 GT in May. Got a really nice personalized box around June 20th with nothing more than "personalized" sales material and a roadside assistance card for your wallet. I was thinking at the time what a waste.

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